Traveling / Photos from a vacation on Virgin Islands.

Photos from US and British Virgin Islands, December 2009

Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge. © Domagoj Babic, 2010.

Domagoj Ready for Virgin Islands
Domagoj is ready for another adventure. happy smiley
Narrow Road on St. Thomas
One of Many Steep Narrow Roads on VIs.
Driving on Virgin Islands
On all VI (both US and British) islands, driving is on the left side, although the steering wheel is on the left side. This makes driving very confusing, and accidents are frequent. Almost all the cars have scratches and dents. To make the things more complicated, roads are often very narrow and steep, full of elbow curves, and rocks often fall off from steep mountain sides littering the roads.
Chickens on Virgin Islands
Chickens are freely running around all settlements on VIs like stray cats. While staying in larger settlements, I was regularly woken up around 3am by roosters.
Fort Christian
Fort Christian on St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands).
Green Iguana
Green Iguana Chilling on St. John (USVI).
Green Turtle
Green Turtle.
Christmas Pan Band
Pan Band on St. Thomas on Christmas.
Dead Mangrove Roots
Dead Mangrove Roots.
Cinnamon Bay
Cinnamon Bay on St. John.
Breadfruit Tree
Breadfruit Tree. In the past, people would bake hard bread, prepare soups and salads out of breadfruit. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to find a restaurant in VIs that prepares anything out of breadfruit. After a lot of search, I managed to try a breadfruit soup, which was really delicious. Bread made out of breadfruit is supposedly very hard, so it's not very popular.
Eleutherodactylus Frog
Eleutherodactylus frogs are very vocal, especially in the evenings after a rain. It takes some time to adjust to this noisy little frog, so I didn't get much sleep the first two nights.
Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus Flower.
Villas on St. John
Villas on St. John.
Reef Bay Trail on St. John
Reef Bay Trail on St. John.
Petroglyphs on St. John
Petroglyphs on St. John are attributed to pre-Columbian inhabitants of the island and dated 700—1200 A.D.
Golden Weaver Spider
Large Golden Weaver Spider on St. John. VIs are notorious after bugs, especially tarantulas, but I haven't seen any (in general, tarantulas are supposedly nocturnal animals). A bug repellent is a must.
Hermit Crab in Rainforest
Hermit Crab in a Rainforest. These guys are not easy to find. Once a year, they migrate to beaches to release their eggs in the ocean.
Old Sugarcane Mill
An Old Sugarcane Mill.
An interesting combination of a graveyard and a luxurious apartment complex. For some reason, graveyards are often located very close to beaches, which I found weird. (Although not shown in the photo, a beach was just behind me.)
Coconut Palm
Coconut Palm Overhanging the Sea.
Coconut Palm
Coconut Palm.
Pelican Watches the Sea
Pelican Watches the Sea.
Jungle on Tortola
Jungle on Tortola (British Virgin Islands).
Mangrove Seedling in the Sunset
Mangrove Seedling in the Sunset.
Domagoj Opening a Coconut
Domagoj Opening a Coconut. Fresh coconuts are not that easy to open, it takes some practice and a good machete to open one.
Mangroves Conquering the Beach
Mangroves Conquering the Beach.
Domagoj on Anegada
Domagoj Chilling on Anegada (BVI).
Anegada is one large beach
Anegada is one large beach.
Dry Sea Fan
Dead Sea Fan on White Sand.
Flamingos in the Distance
Flamingos in the Distance. Salty marshes on Anegada are ideal for flamingos.
Vines on Transmission Lines
Tropical vines conquering the electric transmission lines and poles.
Sand Turtle
Sand Turtle.
Banana Flower
Banana Flower.
Waves in the Carribean
Waves in the Caribbean are way larger than anything I've seen in the Adriatic. This is great for surfers, but can be dangerous for snorkelers exploring sharp shallow coral reefs.
Security on Tortola
Security on Tortola. The store was closed and locked, but the keys forgotten in the lock. happy smiley
Inter-island Horse Racing
Swimming with Horses? happy smiley
Baths on Virgin Gorda
Baths on Virgin Gorda (BVI).
Domagoj Exploring a Cave on Virgin Gorda
Exploring a Cave on Virgin Gorda.
Caves on Virgin Gorda
Caves on Virgin Gorda. These huge volcanic granite boulders were left after erosion removed softer surrounding material. Degrading coral reefs created white sand deposited between the granite boulders.
Cave on Virgin Gorda
Small Cave on Virgin Gorda.
Domagoj Holding a Boulder
Domagoj Holding a Boulder. happy smiley
Cruise Ship
Cruise ships frequent VIs.
Safari Transportation
Safaris are the most popular transportation on VIs.
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