Traveling / Photos from a vacation on Croatian coast.

Photos from Croatian coast, August 2010.

Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge. © Domagoj Babic, 2010.

Split from the Sea
City of Split from the sea.
The Gates of Brac
The gates of Brac --- a channel between islands Brac and Solta.
A Seagull
A seagull.
White Brac marble mine
Brac marble is a famous type of white marble, often used in architecture and interior decoration. The photo shows an excavation site close to Supetar, on island Brac.
Jadrolinija Ferry
Ferries connect all major Croatian islands. The one shown in the photo is on route from Split to island Hvar.
Eunice Gigantea
Large Adriatic sea worm, Eunice Gigantea. These guys live deep in the sea bed, and hunt during the night. These guys are the best fish bate you can imagine, but catching them is difficult. They can grow up to 6 meters (~20 feet) long, and can bite off a finger with their super-strong jaws.
Lozisca on island Brac
A small village Lozisca, on island Brac.
Golden Cape in Bol
Golden Cape is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia. It is located on island Brac, next to a small city called Bol. The photo shows the tip of the cape.
A kiteboarder jumps high, carried by the strong winds around the Golden Cape on island Brac.
Golden Cape
An average day on the Golden Cape beach in Bol.
Water balloons
Kids having fun in the water balloons.
Golden Cape in the early afternoon
The Golden Cape tip is famous after looking in one direction in the morning, and the other in the evening. As sea currents change, they sway the tip into different directions. This photo shows the tip in the early afternoon, as it slowly starts shifting west (north is roughly behind me in the photo).
Skrip, the oldest settlement on island Brac
An old house in Skrip, the oldest settlement on island Brac. In the ancient times, people used to settle in the interior parts of islands, further away from the coast, to get some protection from pirates. Skrip has been continuously inhabited at least since the 4th century AD.
A bookpress in the history museum in Skrip.
Stone tanks for keeping olive oil
Since ancient times, people have been keeping olive oil in large stone tanks. This tends to keep the oil cool and fresh.
Sunset in the Zadar archipelago
A sunset in the Zadar archipelago.
Pig on a spindle
A pig on a spindle. Spindle is one of the favorite ways to prepare meat on the islands, especially for feasts and celebrations.
Rock climbing in Paklenica
Rock climbers conquer an easy wall in the Paklenica national park, a few minutes driving from the coast.
Mule transport
Mules are the only way to get goods around the Paklenica national park. The lower part of Paklenica is a great easy hike, most of the path is in thick shadow of the surrounding vegetation. However, as you climb up, the route becomes more difficult, as the scorched barren rocks replace thick vegetation.
A view of Paklenica rocks
Paklenica National Park.
Creek meander creates a pool
A creek meander creates a pool in Paklenica. Kids quickly recognize a good opportunity to freshen up.
A view from Velebit
A view from Velebit, a mountain range spreading along the coast.
Wild thyme
Wild thyme smells incomparably better and stronger than the one I'm buying prepacked in stores in the US. Almost like a different plant.
Wild sage
In my opinion, the best Mediterranean spices come from the scorched stones of Velebit. The aromas are concentrated to the maximum, and you can feel the smell of this small bush of sage at least ten feet away.
A view of the sea from Velebit
A view of the sea from Velebit.
A sunset over the Pakostane back country
A sunset over the Pakostane back country.
A fishing boat
A fishing boat.
Vrana lake
Vrana lake is a natural park behind the village of Pakostane, a few minutes driving from the coast. The lake and the surrounding area is rich with wild life and a popular bird watching destination.
Captured birds for ringing
Captured birds wait in bags to be ringed.
A scientist rings a bird
A scientist rings a bird in the Vrana natural park.
Bird watching tower
A bird watching tower.
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