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How to Misspell my Name

Having a somewhat funny name for Anglo-American standards, I've been cheered many times by different inventive misspellings of my name. Every now and then I learn about a new misspelling happy smiley . Here are the most popular ones:

  • Bomagoj ('B' instead of 'D', somehow this one is frequent in Google searches)
  • Domogoj ('o' instead of 'a' in the middle)
  • Domagos ('s' instead of 'j' at the end, sounds Greek, perhaps it's a common name in Greece...)
  • Domogos (a combination of the previous two)
  • Tomagoj ('t' and 'd' sound similar, so this one is not that surprising)
  • Demagoj ('o' and 'e' don't sound that similar and are not very close on the keyboard, so I can't explain this one)
  • Donagoj ('n' instead of 'm')
  • Domingo (have no idea how this one gets derived)
  • Domago (forgetting the 'j' at the end happens quite often, seems to be a valid but infrequent family name)
  • Domagj (missing 'o'. This one would be really difficult to pronounce.)
  • Domagoy ('y' instead of 'j' at the end, but at least it is pronounced the same in English)
  • Dormagoj (an extra 'r' makes an already difficult name even more complicated)
  • Dogamoj (swapped 'g' and 'm', this must be a result of fast typing)
  • Domagoij (an extra 'i', but it's pronounced very similar in Croatian)
  • Domagoi ('i' instead of 'j' at the end, but, again, pronounced very similarly)
  • Damagoj ('a' instead of 'o')
  • Doamgoj (swapped 'a' and 'm', this one is frequent in emails)
  • Domangoj (an extra 'n')
  • Domongoj (a variant of the previous one)
  • Damagog (a double typo)
  • Domagog ('g' instead of 'j' at the end)
  • Domogaj ('a' instead of 'o' at the end)
  • Domaoj (close, but 'g' is missing)
  • Domagij ('i' instead of 'o' before 'j')

For those that are curious, the main reason for listing most frequent misspellings here is to assure that at least one of my pages appears in misspelled searches.

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